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3. Order two small meals before your main course.  An example of this is soup, salad, main course or salad, appetizer, main course.  This will help you with portion control while dining out, and the speed in which you eat your food.  When we eat large portions first we tend to eat them fast and unfortunately our brain does not have the ability to register that we are full until we have overeaten.  When we break up a meal with multiple courses we are forced to eat slower and our brain has the ability to register when we have eaten enough before we overeat.

4. Your main dish should consist of a lean protein and vegetables when dining out.  Double up on the vegetables if you need to, but stay away from the STARCH…you are better off having a starch when you are at home and you can control your portion size and choice of starch.  You also do not need to add any fat to your meal because plenty will have been added during the cooking process.

5.  Lastly the hardest part of the meal...DESSERT.  Order herbal tea, it is a calming finish to the meal and will satisfy the craving to indulge in dessert.  If however, your favorite dessert does happen to appear on the table then follow the 2 bite rule.  Take two bites savor them and be done.  

Always remember when dining out the company is more important than the food :)  Enjoy!!

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Making Healthy Choices

Smart Tips For Dining Out

1. Eat a snack before you go out, don’t go to dinner hungry.  The snack should consist of a healthy protein and or healthy fat (avocado, almonds, pumpkin seeds…).  This will help you avoid eating the bread at the table and order a more healthy meal.  People tend to order comfort food when they are starving and then they overeat. 

2. Set the tone for the table…be the first to order a healthy meal.  Let the other people at the table follow your lead.